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I wasn’t crying before but NOW IM CRYING DAMNIT

"Genie, I’m - I’m gonna miss you…"

"Genie, I’m - I’m gonna miss you…"


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Top Free Things to Do In Disney World


I am currently writing a blog post for my Disney World website which covers the top free things to do at Disney World (i.e. the stuff which does NOT require a ticket). Whilst I have plenty of ideas about what to put there I decided to throw the question out to the Tumblr world.

What are your favorite things to do at Disney which have zero cost (i.e. you would not have to purchase a ticket to the Theme Parks)

Let me know! Drop me a message. Make sure you are not anon. That way I can give you credit if i use your idea!

The Little Mermaid

On Blu Ray here in Sweden on the 9th September.

So excited